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Nourish Your Hair: Applying Oil to Wet Hair After Shower


From youth, we have observed using oil prior to washing or bathing, it is not revolting, however hair oil after shower ? It’s worth it. Yet many individuals make use of oil on wet hair, it is much better to use oil on a little wet hair as it makes the hair plain and glossy. However if you apply oil right after washing your damp hair, it will make your hair greasy.

The right way to apply oil after shower?

  • After showering, pat your hair carefully with a soft fabric to eliminate excess water. Don’t scrub as well tough or it will make your hair frizzy and unrestrainable.
  • The minimum time to leave the oil on the hair  is 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Apply some oil on wet hair. It helps in keeping your hair soft and shiny as it retains moisture.
  • Use small amounts of oil, such as one-half to two-tenths of a milliliter, depending on the type of oil. If you have fine hair, use a few drops.
  • Apply the oil mainly to the mid-section of your hair.

After showering, pat your hair carefully and utilize a Small amount of oil for a brief time period to protect gentleness and luster without the threat of unruliness.

A common mistake many individuals make is utilizing hair oil to massage therapy after shampooing. Damp hair is very delicate and can damage or damage quickly also if you are mild. So, to stay clear of these problems, it is far better to prevent applying oil on wet hair.

Benefits of using oil for wet hair:

  • Applying oil to wet hair improves the elasticity of your hair, making it  less prone to breakage  and more resilient.
  • Applying oil while wet creates a slippery surface on your hair and reduces friction during styling.
  • Rubbing oil helps by providing hydration and softening the hair, resulting in a sleek look.
  • To prevent knots  , retain moisture and improve overall hair health, regular oiling of hair overnight keeps it healthy and prone to breakage by preventing knots.

Which oils are best after bath and low fat?

Choosing the right oil and knowing when to apply post-shower hair oil to damp hair   can help keep it nourished without feeling overly greasy. Below are the best options: 

Argan oil:

Argan oil  is not heavy and does not make your hair greasy. When you apply it to wet hair, it absorbs easily and leaves your hair feeling moisturized and shiny. 

coconut oil:

Coconut oil  is very versatile. It’s not heavy and if you use it on wet hair, it won’t make your hair too greasy.

Almond oil:

Almond oil is a mild oil that works best on damp hair. It adds moisture to your hair without making it feel heavy or sticky.

Onion hair oil:

Some  onion hair oils  are formulated to not be too greasy. They help keep your hair healthy without weighing it down. 

Rosemary & Biotin Hair Oil:

These oils  are mixed with light oils  , which are good for wet hair without being too greasy.

Aloe vera oil:

Aloe vera oil is generally not heavy and works best on damp hair. It  adds moisture to your hair  without weighing it down.

 A number of are skeptical relating to just exactly how to use hair oil for hair growth after bathing, the technique below is small amounts to prevent greasiness. Try different oils will certainly help you situate the one that finest fits your hair kind and selections.

Additional tips to keep hair healthy while washing:

These steps will help keep your hair healthy while washing:

  • Always take a short shower.
  • Avoid using hair care products and use only mandatory products. 
  • Apply the shampoo to the scalp and massage very gently  .
  • Use the oil as a conditioner before showering.


Washing your hair is fun, yet doing it every day requires special interest. It is better to use a light oil on your hair as it maintains your hair in great condition, adds dampness and avoids tangling and flaking.



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