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Benefits of Onion Hair Oil for Dandruff and Scalp Health

Are you using onion oil for dandruff? Learn how this ancient vegetable can help treat scalp problems. Find out why onion juice and onion oil are used to treat hair loss and dandruff.

Onion juice, also known as onion hair oil, is popularly used today to treat many hair-related problems. This is one of the unknown facts about this one vegetable that we use in almost all types of cooking and cuisine. According to Ayurveda, onions and onion parts are packed with numerous vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the human body. 

Onion hair oil is widely used to treat hair loss, dandruff, and scalp health.  There are many hair care products that use onion juice or onion hair oil as the main ingredient. History shows that people in the past have used onion hair to increase hair health and add minerals to it. 

Let’s explore the top 5 benefits of onion hair oil 

1. Controls dandruff

What is in onions that benefits hair health? Onions have anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties and are rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy hair. Hair problems usually start from the roots, i.e., the scalp. There are many causes of scalp infections. This can lead to itching and dandruff

Massaging onion hair oil on the scalp gives good and true results.

2. Improves blood circulation 

Onion hair oil application involves application and massaging in a circular motion. Massaging the scalp for 5 to 10 minutes helps the oil seep into the hair roots and transport nutrients to each hair strand, increasing the rate of blood circulation. Improved blood circulation and the effect of onion hair oil improve hair health. 

3. Reduces hair loss

One of the most common hair-related problems is hair loss. Hair loss can also be heartbreaking, especially for women. Hair loss is common in women as they age, during pregnancy and childbirth, and during hormonal changes. The above conditions are uncontrollable and impossible to improve hair health. After a couple of studies, many hair experts have declared that onion hair oil can act as a magical ingredient to reduce hair fall and increase hair follicles. Applying onion to hair at regular intervals helps in achieving good hair growth. 

4. pH level balancer 

Can you believe that onion hair oil has the power to balance the pH level of the scalp? Well, this is true. Onion hair oil is like a boon to the scalp, the root of the hair responsible for hair growth and nourishment. 
The sulfur and potassium components in onion hair oil are responsible for maintaining the pH level and scalp health. 

5. Hair oil for hair conditioner

We have been looking at hair conditioners to use after a hair wash. Hair conditioners usually lock moisture into the hair strands and scalp. As for onion hair oil, it’s the other way around. Onion hair oil is used before hair washes and acts as a great natural conditioner for hair. 

How do you use onion oil for your scalp and hair?

Making onion hair oil is very easy. A couple of onions are peeled, cut, and finely ground. Then juice is extracted from this paste. This extracted juice is nothing but onion hair oil. 

Now let’s see how to apply oil to this hair. 

9 Ways to Apply Onion Hair Oil to Scalp and Hair 

  1. Onion hair oil can be used as-is after extracting it from onion paste. 

2. Onion hair oil can be mixed with coconut oil, almond oil, or any other essential oil of your choice.

3. Onion oil, curry leaves, curd, honey, or lemon juice are good for hair health. 

4.  Application of onion hair oil 

5.  A patch test should be done on the skin before using onion hair oil to avoid itchiness or irritation of the scalp due to the strong and pungent nature of onion.

6.  After the test, natural onion hair oil, raw or mixed with water or any other oil or emollient liquid, can be applied on the scalp using a cotton swab. 

7.  Onion hair oil should be massaged well on the scalp for a few minutes to reach the roots. 

8.  Onion hair oil can be left on the hair and scalp for 15 minutes

9.  Leave onion hair oil overnight 


Many hair experts recommend using onion hair oil for dandruff and hair-related problems. However, there are not many scientifically proven cases to show the results. Also, since it is a natural oil, it can be used on any type of hair and has no side effects. But it is always better to be safe and test it before use. It is always advisable to consult a hair specialist. 



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