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Safely Delaying Menstruation: Effective Home Remedies

The menstrual cycle is an all-natural change in the body of women on a monthly basis. Ladies experience different physical conditions throughout these periods. Also, females do not like to go out during this time.Menses might arrive later than expected for inescapable causes.Nonprescription tablets are available to postpone menstruation. Nevertheless, these can trigger adverse effects. So, in such a situation, there are some means to delay menstruation normally.

Points to do to postpone menstruation normally:

You can delay your period naturally by utilizing some natural home remedy. Let’s see regarding them right here.

Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is among the oldest approaches to postponing the menstrual cycle. This is a result of the vitamin C-rich residential or commercial properties of lemons. The citrus acids in it aid in postponing menstruation. Likewise, these will certainly help you eliminate the troubles that take place throughout menstruation. Nevertheless, taking in too much citrus acid-rich fruit can trigger tummy inflammation. You can drink lemon juice daily for a week prior to your period starting.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar has a high level of acidity. This assists in postponing the period. Likewise, it is utilized as a weight management drink to eliminate toxic substances from the body. Taking a dose of apple cider vinegar 10–12 days before your period is due can stop the early menstrual cycle.


By exercising daily, the body creates the feel-good hormone endorphins. Particularly, cardio exercises are ideal. Hence, when endorphins are launched in the body, the mind ends up being delighted. Likewise, it can postpone menstruation. However, it is much better to avoid difficult exercises.


Fenugreek in general has numerous advantages for the body. Fenugreek plays a vital function in delaying menstruation. It is cooling down to the belly. Your duration will certainly be delayed if you eat fenugreek five days before your duration. Also, grind fenugreek and scrub it on the head and wash to lower body warmth and postpone menstruation.


Gelatin is additionally a remedy for those who intend to postpone their durations. Blending 2 spoons of gelatin in warm water and drinking it can control and postpone the menstruation. Gelatin can assist delay your period for a day to a week.

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