Managing Excessive Hair Loss: A Holistic Approach


Managing Excessive Hair Loss Healthy, balanced, and lively hair is beautiful to consider. It resembles an ornament on your face. Individuals desire such hair, yet what goes against it is a concern.

People feel that when hair drops, what will take place? The hair would certainly be less.

They would look hideous. Yet recognize that a hundred hairs coming out every day and falling is extremely all-natural since the body knows what is weak is to be tossed. A brand new one can come.

Weakness has to go; then only brand new and strong can come. This is an all-natural phenomenon, so do not stress whatsoever regarding it.

There are specific points we must do to see that all such too much hair loss and all that is stayed clear of.

Right here come a couple of modifications in your food routines, in your lifestyle, and in the management of your hair, which we have.

Below comes the place of yoga exercise. Yoga would actually aid you in having better hair development and a wonderful face once more. Well, let’s recognize the reasons for excessive hair loss.

Genetic Factors:

A very major factor is hereditary genetic fear. Nothing much can be done to face it and love it. Little things could be improved.

Nutritional Deficiencies:

It could be deficiencies in our body—iron deficiency, calcium deficiency, or anemic conditions—that would cause hair loss. Even sinusitis, a cold cough, and all the medicines taken for that would cause hair loss.

stress tension:

Do you know how much it affects everything? And so it is natural that it is going to affect your hair. So learn to live life tension-free.

Dandruff Concerns:

When we are not cleaning our hair properly and dandruff occurs, that definitely causes hair loss.

Chemical Exposure:

the use of chemical chemicals for colors and such things will definitely cause hair loss.

So try to see that all these causes are understood and addressed. Well, let us understand from a yogic angle.

What are the things that we are supposed to do?

First, definitely a proper diet, because any anemic condition should go.

Deficiencies in our body should go, so have simple Satvik food regularly.

Second, proper circulation in our face region and a relaxed attitude towards all that.

Yogic Approaches to Hair Care


where you are bending back, bending to stay in that position for some time, and coming back.


where you are definitely forward-bending but making your spine straight so that you create a triangle and stay in that position for some time.


When you are going topsy-turvy, lift your legs up, head down, and be in a relaxed state. So these 3 asanas, I would definitely recommend we do them as part of a routine.

Well, we should do some pranayama, which really helps in bringing oxygen to your whole system and naturally promotes good health.

Pranayamas for Hair Care:


where you are breathing in and breathing out fast with abdomen movement.

Do that, please, for 30 rounds, and that would do wonders.

2. Alternate nostril breathing:

When you see both nostrils functioning very well, naturally, the body will be happy. So these two pranayamas should be regular.

Natural Ingredients for Hair Health:

Well, there are some very natural ingredients that are available in our kitchen around us.

1. Amla and lemon:

Take amla powder, put lemon juice in it, and make a paste. And then apply that based on your scalp all over. Keep it there for some time; just leave it and wash your hair. It’s very simple.

Understand that vitamin C from amla, as well as lemon, helps strengthen our follicles. It prevents hair loss and even premature hair greying. It’s a beautiful paste we should apply and help ourselves with.

2.Aloe vera:

Well, our second natural ingredient, which is so useful for hair, aloe vera, is like magic.

It really helps in strengthening hair, grows better hair, and makes your hair bouncy. Its also works like a conditioner.

It makes your hair smooth and soft. It’s so simple to use this.

You have aloe vera; you cut it to remove the gel. Take fresh gel from aloe vera, bring it into the cup, smooth it, and apply it to your hair.

You don’t have to mix anything with aloe vera. Just pure gel, apply it, and keep it for 45 minutes. And then wash it.

It is very effective for weak hair because it really strengthens your hair.

3. Curry Leaves and Coconut Oil Infusion:

Well, one more very natural ingredient is curry leaves and coconut oil.

Now roast curry leaves and put them in coconut oil, and then boil, boil, boil. When it turns dark blackish in color, then switch off the gas.

Let it cool down and strain it. Now, with this oil, you could just apply it to your scalp nicely and keep it there for an hour.

And then wash it with a simple, natural shampoo.

Now, these natural things are only going to help your natural growth. It will make you bounce, and it will make you feel much more confident and better.

Daily Practices for Healthy Hair:

1.Scalp Massage:

Well, there are certain things you should do in a day, anytime, and that includes massaging your scalp.

You know, with your fingertip, it really relaxes.

2.Backcombing Technique:

Take a comb and comb from back to front, backcombing.

It really helps in increasing circulation to the root region.

3. Buttermilk or Curd Application:

Whenever possible, use buttermilk or curd and rub that on your scalp, and then take a bath. It would really help to remove dandruff.

4. Neem Leaf Hair Wash:

Another tip is to wash your hair with neem leaves. Boil bitter neem leaves in water and use this water for your hair wash, so you will never catch any infection and prevent the problem.


These are a couple of points, and after that, finally, a good sleep—an excellent evening’s sleep absolutely aids in every element.

Smile and simply spread smiles around, and that would be a really great life.

You will certainly be shocked that the key to so numerous troubles lies in our society, in yoga, and around us.


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